The ShuSac story

ShuSac was created out of a personal need. As a Londoner I have found myself ruining many prized heels on pavements and wishing I had opted for the comfy option. At times I have resorted to flats… but sometimes only heels will do!

As there didn’t seem to be a shoe bag I could find that would do the job, I set out to design my ideal product that would allow me to switch from flats to heels with ease.

Once I started on this journey I have met many women with the same need

  • carrying heels in plastic bags, straight into their handbags or loose
  • ruining heels on the tube, or
  • giving up on shoes altogether (generally younger girls after a night out)

Friends have also asked me to hurry up and get ShuSac out there.

So my mission is for ShuSac to bring delight and relief to heel-lovers everywhere!

Any ideas or comments welcome